Come with Friar Maurice through the streets of Swansea as he investigates the mystery of the Hanged Man who walked away...

The Hanged Man – A Friar Maurice Mystery

Come with Friar Maurice as he leads you through the streets of Swansea in 1307….

Wales is coming to terms with the conquest of Edward Longshanks just a quarter of a century ago, and many are not overly happy with Norman rule from London.
Against this backdrop the Lord of Gower William de Breos has a lot on his hands – rebellious lords beneath him, an impatient king above and a headstrong wife in between
The best way to deal with rebels is to hang them as criminals, but when one of them gets up and walks away – 21 days after he has been declared DEAD – de Breos is really up against it
News reaches the Pope in Avignon – and he sends in his top investigator, Friar Maurice of Pencoed, to discover the truth; but Friar Maurice needs your help…

The Hanged Man – Murder, Mystery or Miracle?
A murder mystery walking tour through Mediaeval Swansea led by lighthouse theatre..