We are national award-winners! Cardiff Harbour Authority, Theatr na n'Og and ourselves have been jointly awarded the Arts and Business Cymru Arts in the Community Award.

Arts in The Community Award 2024

In 2023, we went into partnership with Cardiff Ηarbour Authority with the Culture Step program sponsored by Arts and Business Cymru.

We produced two shows – one on foot and one on bicycles – in which we told stories relating to the diverse history of Cardiff Bay. They were a great success.

As such we revived the shows in 2024 and created some schools performances too.

This partnership has now been extended to our creating a show with young adults on the history of Flat Holm Island in July 2024.

On July 4th, Cardiff Harbour were awarded the Arts in the Community Award for both their work with us and our colleagues at Theatr na n’Og.

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