At last; it's here. The reason why God gave us legs... Aberystwyth Mon Amour - The Walking Tour Click here for a sample: 'It is a great listen,' South Wales Evening Post

Aberystwyth Mon Amour – The Walking Tour

It’s Aberystwyth Jim, but not as we know it.

Babylon, Shangri-La, Xanadu… all these great cities have one thing in common: they are difficult to get to. Aberystwyth, by contrast, is just around the corner. Why not sample the delights of this beautiful and oh so iconic seaside town in the company of Malcolm Pryce, author of the acclaimed Aberystwyth Noir detective books? Aberystwyth Mon Amour – the Walking Tour takes about an hour but the memory will last a lifetime. It takes you from the Railway Station to the Harbour in the company of Louie Knight—Aberystwyth’s only private eye—and a host of favourite characters from the books, including Sospan, Cadwaladr and even a walk-on part by… God! Learn the secrets of the Prom, the Cliff Railway, Bandstand, Pier, Castle and other key landmarks of the town. For both lovers of the novels and those who have never heard of the town (if such a thing is possible), the tour is packed with information, background anecdotes and suggestions… And all beautifully intertwined with wry and bittersweet disquisitions on love, death and crazy golf taken from the books.

‘It works on two levels – as a genuine practical walking tour (as long as you don’t mind walking around with a huge smile on your face) and as an amusing introduction to the world of Louie Knight – it is a great listen’ – Mark Rees, South Wales Evening Post

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