10.30am and 2.00pm from High Street Station Swansea.

The Hanged Man – A Friar Maurice Mystery

Come with Friar Maurice as he leads you through the streets of Swansea in 1307….

Wales is coming to terms with the conquest of Edward Longshanks just a quarter of a century ago, and many are not overly happy with Norman rule from London.
Against this backdrop the Lord of Gower William de Breos has a lot on his hands – rebellious lords beneath him, an impatient king above and a headstrong wife in between
The best way to deal with rebels is to hang them as criminals, but when one of them gets up and walks away – 21 days after he has been declared DEAD – de Breos is really up against it
News reaches the Pope in Avignon – and he sends in his top investigator, Friar Maurice of Pencoed, to discover the truth; but Friar Maurice needs your help…

The Hanged Man – Murder, Mystery or Miracle?
A murder mystery walking tour through Mediaeval Swansea led by

Lighthouse Theatre..

This show is on foot and in the open air. It will last roughly 90 minutes and finish in Dylan Thomas Square.